Route 9G Main House – Mid-Century Transformation

renovations and remodels
April 1 2017

The house is a 3,000 square foot 1970’s ranch that has been completely redeveloped. Taking advantage of the 10-acre secluded property, the new design maintained the house’s existing footprint and typical 70’s lines but transformed it into something fresh and sophisticated. Using a simple palate of natural materials including maple, black walnut, glass, stone, zinc and COR-TEN steel, the house has an honest materiality. Both interior and exterior are painted with only two colors: black and a soft white. New, energy-efficient windows were installed to match the originals. The rear façade of the house was greatly opened up with a huge window-wall in the kitchen and a three-sided glass sunroom. The doors, vanities, a planter, a built-in credenza and a leather bench were all built to spec by local craftsmen. The property was landscaped to reorient the driveway and parking around existing old-growth trees to create a more dramatic woodland approach.

The home also features state-of-the art climate-control, security, and entertainment systems that were chosen so as to add useful functionality and convenience without overspending on seldom-used features.

Design: The Art of Building
Build: The Art of Building

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