Anson Road – Art Barn New Post-and-Beam Construction

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April 5 2017

Built as an art studio and hang-out space, the Art Barn was conceived as a modern interpretation of a traditional 19th Century barn in partnership with NYC architectural firm Aardvarchitecture. Built with a traditional post-and-beam structure, the entire barn is organized as a three dimensional grid. The use of modern metal fins and pins (rather than the traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery) allowed the posts to be much thinner than in traditional barns. These fins also provided a lateral stability that enabled the structure to be built without corner braces (the diagonal “dog-eared” beams normally seen in post-and-beam construction). The effect of these differences gives the structure a light, modern feel.

The drama of the grid is accentuated by continuing the grid on the floor of the building. Concrete squares were floated in between a grid of wooden boards–in part, for aesthetic reasons, but mainly to allow their expansion and contraction when heated by the radiant heat and by the passive solar warmth produced when sun comes through the 36-foot window-walls.

Solar panels and passive heating and cooling concepts were incorporated into the architecture-so, except for winter days without sun, the building stays comfortable temperature year-round with little active heating or cooling necessary. (It should be noted that the window wall and doors were not built by Art of Building).

Design: The Art of Building
Build: The Art of Building

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