Cinnamon – Restaurant Interior Design

April 3 2017

The previous restaurant felt cramped, dark and cluttered, due in large part to the building’s incredibly low ceilings and fussy decor.  The design challenge was to open the space up and to somehow make it feel light and inviting.  This was accomplished by first painting the entire space in light, low-contrast colors and whitewashing the floors.  But since this was an Indian restaurant, there was also a desire to add some vibrant and saturated colors that would evoke a an Indian sensibility, if not an authentic Indian color palette.   The colors that were chosen were in the form of burnt orange calligraphy murals to evoke the restaurant’s name and a super saturated high-gloss purple bar to give the back of the restaurant presence and gravity.  The sun room is dominated by a bold and colorful Ganesh on an off-black wall to add some high-contrast drama to an otherwise plain room.

The layout of the space was also considered.   The squat, deep restaurant ran the risk of feeling one-dimensional, so a 20-foot long bar-height table was built to provide elevation to half the room and to create more a more dynamic, casual atmosphere for the restaurant as a whole.   A central colonnade and chair rail was added to provide some articulation between the two halves of the room without actually chopping the space up any further.  Modern lighting and chairs (provided by Rhinebeck design store 100mile) brought a splash of modernity to the eclectic space.  (It should be noted that Art of Building only provided interior design services but did not do the build-out).

Design: The Art of Building
Build: Stortini Home Maintenance

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