Slate Dock Road – Architect-Designed New Home Construction

February 4 2017

The 1.5 acre property sits on a cliff 90 feet above the Hudson and offers sweeping 130-degree views of the river.  Dramatic rock outcroppings rupture from the home site as the contours of the landscape curve and drop like natural amphitheater—sloping steeply towards the river, with its constant bustle of both human and bird activity.

The Development Plan

Still in the earliest phase of design and planning, the intention is to build a 2,700 square foot modern home of architectural significance. A collaboration with Bryan Young, of Young Projects, a recent recipient of the prestigious “Architectural League Prize”, the house will be designed as the intersection of two rectangular volumes set at a 130-degree angle to one another. The geometry of the building’s masses will maximize and frame the view while providing the indoor and outdoor living spaces with privacy from neighboring properties. The result will be a house with spectacular, uninterrupted river views and a feeling of complete seclusion.

The architecture will deferentially acknowledge the beauty of the site and act as a low-impact addition to the natural landscape. Although nearly three times the footprint of the extant cottage, the new house will be five feet shorter and be designed to hug the landscape closely. Sensitive to the 300-year history of its surroundings, the design will draw from the region’s vernacular palette of stone, metal and weathered wood so as to ground the house in a historic materiality.

Design: The Art of Building
Build: The Art of Building

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