Crystal Lake Lodge – Architect-Designed Loft Residences

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October 2 2016

The Property

Crystal Lake Lodge was a 1950’s-era care facility for special needs adults that has been sitting vacant for nearly a decade. The property itself consists of a forlorn 4,000 square foot care facility, a 1,400 square foot farmhouse, an 800 square foot boat/carriage house, and a large in-ground pool. The property has 150 feet of frontage on a small lake and has exquisite views. Although located in the very center of the Village of Rhinebeck, the upper half of the property is remarkably secluded. Importantly, it is the only commercially zoned waterfront property in the Village.

The property is walking distance to the shops and restaurants in the Village of Rhinebeck. In keeping with the theme of sustainability, both the new and redeveloped structures will exceed energy codes in their performance goals. This commitment is also furthered through sustainable landscape design and extensive preservation of existing flora.

The Development

Design: The Art of Building
Build: The Art of Building

After a two-year process with village planning and zoning boards, a use variance and approvals were granted permitting the redevelopment of the property into a six-unit multifamily complex. The care facility will be torn down and the boathouse will be redeveloped on its existing footprint.

A complex of three new buildings designed in collaboration with architect Barry Price, of Barry Price Architecture, will resemble a cluster of 19th Century mill buildings. Although technically outside the historical district, it was the explicit intention to create something that was appropriate to the scale and historical vernacular of the Village.

Architecturally, the buildings will be simple, barn-like structures that look at first glance like they have been standing for 150 years. Upon closer inspection, they will reveal that they are thoroughly modern in their rustic materiality, evocative rooflines, and oversized windows. A careful attention was paid to maximize privacy and views of the lake. On the inside, the units of the two main buildings will be approximately 1,400 square foot two-bedroom lofts and the Boathouse will be a 1,600 square foot cottage with a private pool – all of which will be built within existing footprints in order to keep the buildings much closer to the lake than current zoning regulations allow. The whole complex will be set back almost 100 feet off the road and appear to be an old mill that belongs to the farmhouse-which itself will be historically renovated in keeping with other, similar homes in the Village.

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