Sepasco Lake House – Lakefront Bungalow Reinvented

March 20 2019

The house was originally a ramshackle bungalow with spectacular lake views.  Over the years, it had been expanded by willy-nilly enclosing outdoor porches and unthinkingly tacking on additional rooms.   It was dark and cluttered and the living space was dominated by a huge field stone fireplace.   Working with a limited budget, the goal was to create a clean modern look on the inside that was all about the views. Ultimately, the central design concept was to remove the fireplace, which cut the common living space in half.  The dining room, living room, kitchen and master closet were all combined to create one large L-shaped open floor plan.  The bedrooms were treated as secondary and left small and simple.

A neutral and washed-out palette was chosen, with whitewashed oak floors and linen white walls, ceilings and trim.   The oak ceruse kitchen brought the the earthiness of oak without the warm orange tones usually associated the wood.   A white Corian countertops, backsplash and integrated sink added to the clean, minimal look of the kitchen.

Design: The Art of Building
Build: The Art of Building


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