Route 199 – Exterior Re-Design

April 3 2019

The owners bought the house for its lovely, secluded property and soaring interior ceilings.┬áBut house’s exterior was odd and foreboding. The driveway circled up a hill to land in front of an exposed basement, a wall of garage doors an imposing three-story facade. The effect was more of storming a castle than being welcomed into a home.

So an approach was decided to use color and material to make the house more warm and inviting. The house was painted a in friendly gray with greenish-brown overtones that minimized the buildings clunky features. Since the point of arrival was right in front of the garage doors, a decision was made to make the garage doors exceptional. The brilliant and warm Western red cedar doors garage doors were chosen to add color and natural texture to the front of the house, and the fascia boards above them were re-installed to create more precise geometry. The standard-issue deck was considerably shrunk and rebuilt with tension cable railings and new mahogany floor boards. The new mahogany and cedar elements were stained with slightly colored pigments to being the woods into harmony.

Design: The Art of Building
Build: The Art of Building


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