308 Barn – Artist’s Studio, Pool House and Landscape Design

renovations and remodels
December 22 2016

The historic barn had a charming look but its structure was rotting from sitting directly on the ground and was on the verge of collapse.  An engineering plan was made to save the historic building by lifting it off the ground and pouring a new foundation while it was up in the air.  The walls of the building were reinforced, straightened and fully insulated.  A new zinc standing-seam roof was installed and modern glass garage doors were added to the back of the building.  To give the building greater intimacy and warmth, vertical siding and a cedar roof was put on the lower shed roof on the front.

The pool itself was in decent condition but was set in a hideous concrete patio.  A four-foot band of cement was left around the pool and the rest of the patio was removed and replaced with sod.  The band was clad with parquet bluestone coping with mitred corners to reference a picture frame.  The bold design was further exaggerated by setting it in a square lawn fenced with a split rail fence, making for a dramatic composition that was historically rooted in the Dutchess County vernacular but thoroughly unique and artistic in its composition.

Design: The Art of Building
Build: The Art of Building

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