Route 308 – Bohemian Revival of Historic Home

renovations and remodels
March 28 2017

After years of neglect, the Victorian details of this home were hidden behind vinyl siding, dropped ceilings and layers of carpeting and linoleum.  The design called for restoring the historic details of the exterior while completely renovating and updating the house for modern living.  The owner wanted the house to be bright, artistic, and colorful.  Most importantly, she wanted the house to be fun and anything but normal.  A palate of bold colors were chosen to paint both inside and out.  Bathroom floors were conceived as a sea of color – with floors in purple, yellow and mint green penny round tiles.  During renovation, an appreciation was developed for the attic’s fanciful stained glass windows and dramatic tower, so a motif was envisioned to open up four towers by piercing through the second floor ceiling to get a glimpse of these windows.  The stained glass became the inspiration for the color palate of the upstairs bedrooms.

The kitchen with its double-sided fireplace was conceived to be the focal point of the entire house.  Clad in sky-blue fireclay tiles, the hearth brought a shock of color to the very center of the house and referenced German ceramic-tiled ovens.  Blue glass knobs echoed the blue of the fireplace and added an element of unexpected fun.  The mudroom was designed with bead-board and a built-in bench to make the functional parts of the house beautiful.

Design: The Art of Building
Build: The Art of Building

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