Montgomery Street – Modern Design inside Historic Shell

renovations and remodels
April 8 2017

The impeccably restored historic home in the center of the Village is classic Rhinebeck–big front porch, understated in design, period details and appropriately set alongside other similar homes. What makes this house stand out are its all-around gracious proportions. While most Village homes have small windows, cramped rooms and low ceilings, this house is one of the precious few that are just right.  The house has 9½-foot ceilings, big windows and an open floor plan that feels bright and airy.

Although the house was in very rough shape at the time of purchase, the structure and foundation were excellent, with no signs of settling, racking or deflection.  The house now has updated infrastructure, including new super-efficient HVAC, plumbing, electric, recessed LED lighting and spray foam insulation. New Marvin windows, a ZalMag standing seam roof and its deep blue-eggplant-gray color are historically sensitive in design, but have been reinterpreted it in a thoroughly fresh and modern way. The house’s interior is more unapologetically modern interior and features a sleek new kitchen, super thin porcelain counter tops, a black painted historic stair and maple floors throughout.  The finished basement with polished concrete floors and radiant heating added additional 900 square feet at minimal cost to the overall budget.

Design: The Art of Building
Build: The Art of Building

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