Northern Boulevard – Private Yoga Studio and Office

January 22 2017

Part of country estate in Germantown, the 1950’s era barn was an unassuming structure on a 100 foot cliff with spectacular views of the Hudson.  The idea was to take advantage of the building and its spectacular location to add two unrelated features to the property: an office and a spa.   The design conceit was to use the existing barn for the office and to build a new addition of equal size and proportions next to it to house the spa.   The exterior of the existing barn would be historically preserved and the new structure would re-interpret the structure in an unexpectedly modern form.


The office will consist of one room with a huge 28 foot wide window that offers incredible views of the Hudson.   The window was made exceptionally long and thin in order to maximize the view while minimizing the amount of sunlight coming in to the office.  The landscape plan was to leave the trees outside the window but to remove the lower limbs ao as to open up the view while leaving the canopy for shade.

The spa building is cantilevered off its foundation on all four sides and set in a dry “moat” of CorTEN steel that makes the building appear float above the earth.  It has the same black zinc standing seam roof as the office, but here it waterfalls down the sides of the building to give the effect that the building is entirely wrapped in zinc.   The front gable end is clad in weathered wood and framed by a five-sided white fascia to suggest the building is not itself a barn, but an abstract, extruded form of a barn, floating in mid-air.

On the river side, there is a five-panel retractable glass wall that opens onto a small porch overlooking the river.   The building was engineered in metal so as to keep the cathedral ceiling free of collar ties.


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