Development, Construction and Design

The Art of Building is a Hudson Valley-based design-build company that equally balances a development and construction expertise with the artistry of sophisticated design and craftsmanship. We provide design-build and project management services to clients who want comfortable, well-built homes with design integrity, and on commercial projects that need good design to enhance their brand. Focusing both on ground-up development and major renovations, The Art of Building provides a seamless, integrated process from design through site planning, permitting, infrastructure development and construction management.

Among Rhinebeck developers, The Art of Building caters to a sophisticated, design-focused clientele seeking the best of modern technological processes and classic design sensibility.  

Armed with a thorough understanding of today’s luxury buyer’s desires and needs, the Art of Building sets itself apart from the rest of the pack.  A full-service developer/contractor, The Art of Building's office is headquartered in Rhinebeck, New York with a wide-ranging reach into the surrounding Hudson Valley and Dutchess County. 

The Art of Buildng team has the hard skills and aesthetic sense necessary to thrive with today’s ever-evolving design and development requirements. We manage both new building projects as well as renovations and remodels of existing homes.We are well- qualified to deliver standout results thanks to wide expertise in design, development, and planning. We embrace a business philosophy focused on delivering quality that naturally meshes with the fabric of a community and neighborhood

Taking our commitment to excellence seriously, we also deliver proposals tailored to our client’s needs. At every stage of development, we painstakingly coordinate the details so our clients can stay focused on what truly matters. Additionally, The Art of Building team is fluent in a broad array of technologies driving today's ever-evolving design and development process. 

We always ensure that our design and development work meets and exceeds client expectations. This emphasis on quality results and standout service separates The Art of Building projects from the competition.

Our company serves clientele in and around Rhinebeck, Rhinecliff, Tivoli, Kingston and New Paltz, as well as in Dutches, Columbia and Ulster Counties.