The Future of Rhinebeck: Innovations on a Classic Formula

Rhinebeck, with its bluestone sidewalks and over 270 historic buildings, is renowned as a classic, well-preserved destination. A summer afternoon on Market Street feels like you’ve been transported back in time, as you weave between open cafes, unique shops, old shady trees, and critically-acclaimed restaurants.

Much of the recent opportunity and interest in the area is being driven by new designs and ideas within old structures. As a design-build company, we’re fascinated by how artists, residents, and businesses are creating value for themselves and our community while honoring what’s already here.

Here are some of our favorite things you wouldn’t expect to see in old Rhinebeck.

A Cinnamon Re-Design

Since opening in 2011 on the outskirts of Rhinebeck, Cinnamon has been a destination for authentic Indian food, earning accolades from Hudson Valley Magazine, TripAdvisor, Hudson Valley Good Stuff and more. In 2015, they began planning a move to a space on East Market Street, in the heart of Rhinebeck’s village.

Previously occupied by another restaurant, we felt the design was cramped and cluttered. We wanted to transition the space to feel open, modern, and inviting. We took on the interior design project and created a sense of space that is equal parts modern Rhinebeck and upscale Indian restaurant. The changes included re-painting, adding a calligraphy mural and a new 20-foot long bar table to create a dynamic, casual atmosphere. We also collaborated with Hundred Mile on light fixtures and other pieces to tie it all together.


Rhinebeck Bagels

Rhinebeck is full of great, traditional 5-star restaurants. But when we’re talking about surprising innovations on old formulas, The Rhinebeck Bagel Shoppe has to come to mind. Innovations like their rainbow-colored grilled cheese, a “Big Little Guy” burger, and a shrimp parmesan burger get liked and shared more times on Instagram than any other restaurant in town.

Rhinebeck Victorian Renovation

Victorian homes are wonderful to look at, but owning one can be rife with expensive, unexpected problems. There can be structural issues, elements like the roof, kitchen, plumbing and electric can have problems that date back decades or centuries, and even the most cautious renovation budgets can be busted by unexpected discoveries like mold, rot and failing pipes.

In 2014, we acquired an old Victorian house built in 1910 at 6453 Montgomery Street in Rhinebeck. The house had intrinsic charm and a solid foundation but the interior was a mess.

Instead of taking a piecemeal approach, we decided to pull out the stops and create a house for that person who loves the future of Rhinebeck: modern and sophisticated, within a preserved Victorian shell that honors Rhinebeck's history.

We put in all-new maple flooring, exposed brick, new kitchen, HVAC, plumbing, electric, LED lighting, spray foam insulation, Marvin Windows and a ZalMag roof. The master suite has a private bath, dressing room, and soaking tub. By finishing the basement, we added an additional 1,000 square feet to the home, increasing the equity and livable space.

Curious? You're invited to the open house on June 18-19 and July 2-3, or by appointment. Email for more information.

Hundred Mile

In 2013, alums of Luminaries, Gucci, Paola Lenti, and MaxMara, opened a lifestyle-concept showroom. Hundred Mile quickly became one of our favorite collaborators for sourcing interior design pieces. They specialize in a minimalist, modern aesthetic and offer furniture, lighting and art pieces that are hard to find anywhere else in the Hudson Valley, cultivated one hundred miles away in New York.

One of our favorite projects was the collaboration on the interior for Cinnamon Restaurant.


Sawkille is another great local source of interior design and furniture, crafting hand-made takes on classic, rustic furniture that adds a splash of the 1600s to any modern home. They call it “farmhouse modern.”

They’ve been written up in traditional places ranging from The Guardian to Elle Decor to Bob Vila’s website, and mentioned fondly by design bloggers on Apartment Therapy and Remodelista. Their showroom, equal parts furniture store and art gallery, is located on West Market Street in Rhinebeck.

“The Ex of In” Experimental Guest House

World-renowned architect and watercolorist, Steven Holl, established "The Ex of In" experimental guest house. The recipient of the Alvar Aalto Medal and elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters, was also named America's Best Architect by Time Magazine in 2001. Some of his most famous works include MIT's Simmons Hall, Pratt Institute's Higgins Hall, the Kiasma museum in Helsinki, and dozens more.

He’s also connected to the “T” Space art gallery in Rhinebeck, which will be open for visits at 56 Round Lake Road in Rhinebeck on Fridays and Saturdays from July 8th until mid-August.

The 918 square foot house is in the middle of a 28 acre site that was previously set to become five house plots. It is a "compressed form intersected by three spherical voids... [with] a kitchen at its center and is realized as one large room on three levels. Instead of fossil fuel, the house is heated and cooled geothermally. Instead of grid power, the house has electricity from the sun."

Holl’s team describes the installation as an "exploration of a language of space, [an] aim at inner spatial energy, [and] shaping public space and social openness".

To have such a conceptually advanced and ambitious project right in Rhinebeck is an incredible perk of being here.

Market Street & Le Petit Bistro

Left: Market Street. Right: Le Petit Bistro.

Left: Market Street. Right: Le Petit Bistro.

Two places that are beloved by people both familiar and new to Rhinebeck are Market Street, a rustic and modern Italian restaurant with banquette booths and outdoor seating, and Le Petit Bistro, an intimate French restaurant once described as “beguiling” by the NY Times.

Market Street opened in 2012 and has drawn rave reviews both for its locally-sourced take on Italian food and beautiful interior design. Le Petit Bistro is renowned for its authentic market-to-table cuisine, and just completed a renovation that will allow more people to experience its cozy atmosphere at once.

Harpers Bazaar recently featured both establishments as part of their "perfect Upstate New York getaway" piece.

No Sugar

One of the freshest boutiques in Rhinebeck is No Sugar at 22 East Market St. The buyer and owner, Monique Heeremans, originally from Amsterdam, opened her doors in 2001 in the heart of Rhinebeck. She calls her shop "No Sugar" because she makes it a point to carry sophisticated, edgy, classic lines in her boutique. Her unique point of view can most expertly be seen in her children's clothing and her discovery of up-and-coming women's brands.

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