7 Hudson Valley Tips for Being Vacation Rental-Worthy

Is your house Airbnb-worthy? If it helps its occupants experience joy in an effortless, locally-authentic way, then the answer is yes.

Here’s why: 86% of Airbnb users say they pick the service (or similar sites like VRBO and Homeaway) because they want to feel like a local. They’re sick of long lines, tourist traps, and cookie-cutter hotels. They want to check out unique local neighborhoods, sleep in a comfy bed, cook in a well-stocked kitchen, and get away from the chores and sameness of everyday life. And want it all to be ready for them to enjoy when they show up.

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The Future of Rhinebeck: Innovations on a Classic Formula

Rhinebeck, with its bluestone sidewalks and over 270 historic buildings, is renowned as a classic, well-preserved place. A summer afternoon on Market Street can feel like you’ve been transported back in time, as you weave between open cafes, the Farmers Market and shady trees.

However, much of the recent opportunity and interest in the area is being driven by new designs and ideas within old structures. As a design-build company, we’re fascinated by how artists, residents and businesses are creating value for themselves and our community while honoring what’s already here.

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